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Medical Services

Medical Services

We are an Air Methods Program that provides air medical transportation services to over 60 counties in New York, Vermont, Western Massachusetts and Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Through a focused business model, we are able to provide communities with high-quality, intensive/critical medical care. Currently we are based at 1 hospital, 7 airports and 2 privately owned establishments.

We operate Airbus EC-135’s, Airbus EC-145’s, Airbus AS350’s and Bell 407GXP helicopters, each by visual flight rules (VFR) under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 135 standards. The PC-12 airplane in Potsdam, NY and Guthrie Air in Sayre, PA are both rated to operate under instrument flight rules (IFR).

Emergency transport is provided based on medical necessity as determined by hospital staff (physicians/nurses), EMS agencies (fire, rescue, ambulance, civil), law enforcement agencies and industrial safety personnel. Since 2002, the Air Methods Community Based Services programs have flown over 135,000 patient transports.

Our critical care medical staff is highly skilled and trained in areas such as burns, cardiac, pediatrics, respiratory, and trauma, and also can assist with specialty-team transports. The medical teams consist of a registered nurse and certified paramedic and practice under the direct guidance of medical directors licensed in the state of operation. Our fleet is equipped with specialty medical interiors that support intensive/critical care medical transports. It is our goal in the future to equip each aircraft with standard technologies such as terrain avoidance warning systems (TAWS), night vision imaging systems (NVIS), satellite weather and tracking systems, search lights, and wire strike protection systems to further enhance safety.

We also are proud of the fact that we maintain a voluntary accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) certification. CAMTS is an independent agency that audits and accredits fixed and rotor wing air medical transport and critical care ground services in the United States to a set of industry-established standards. (Click here to learn more about safety)


24 Hour Emergency Dispatch

We are activated by AirCom, a division of Air Methods Corporation based in Omaha, NE. These specially trained and dedicated flight coordinators are located at our Emergency Operations Center and are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to assure prompt response to calls. They handle all of our communication needs from initial request through dispatch as well as flight following while utilizing the latest technologies.

Working with emergency responders, referring hospitals and physicians, Our flight coordinators provide detailed directions and patient information to the flight team en route to the site, and to the receiving hospital.


Aviation Support Services

The people of Aviation Support Services are a remarkable group of dedicated men and women. They are very special in their loyalty and in their work ethic, exceptionally well qualified and trained. This gives us the ability to provide you with a level of service unsurpassed in the industry.

Air Methods' growth continues with over 400 aircraft in our system. To efficiently support a fleet this size, we follow and exceed industry mandates and best practices, and maintain stringent quality standards.

Air Methods Corporation Safety Management

Air Methods Corporation is committed to the attainment of the highest level of safety in the accomplishment of our corporate mission. It is our goal to provide a safe flight, and healthy working environment for all of our employees and, in so doing, to support all state and federal laws regarding safety. Our intention in making this strong commitment is to eliminate all aviation accidents, injuries to our employees, and damage to equipment or property, through aggressive, integrated risk management at all levels of the organization.



LifeNet of NY has a robust outreach program that will come to your agency or unit to review how to access and utilize our Medevac’s. We will present via a power point or informally in your unit all the information you need to safely and appropriately refer your most seriously injured or critically ill patients for transport.

Additionally, we are more than happy to provide educational session on a variety of medical topics to meet your individual needs. Please visit our outreach page for more information or to contact one of our outreach coordinators.