Observer Program

A number of our New York bases also provide ride-along programs for those wishing to experience our operation.

The intent of this program is to allow those in the healthcare, fire and law enforcement professions to experience the services offered by our program.  As an observer you will have the opportunity to shadow the flight team during their daytime operations, both in the air and on the ground.  If you are considering Air Medical Transportation as a future career or if you feel this experience would help you better understand the benefits of our service then please contact us for further information.

Observer Program

Dress Code:  A professional appearance is required during your time with our program.  This consists of a non-logo shirt, dark slacks, boots and a weather appropriate jacket.  This is not only for the well being of your presentation but also for your safety.  If an observer arrives in what the on duty crew feels is inappropriate, you may be asked to reschedule your time.

Weight Requirements:  The current requirements consist of a dressed weight of no more than 180 lbs. 

Requirements:  You will be required to complete a release from liability statement as well as an emergency contact form that will also consist of brief information regarding your past and current medical conditions.  Also, due to the weights and balance requirements of the aircraft, you may be left behind on a call at which time local resources will work with you to find a return method of transportation.

Ridealong Request Form

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