FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is your helicopter equipped for performing rescues?

A: No, our program is medically dedicated; meaning that we provide critical care to the ill and injured and do not provide rescue.  We do however work very closely with the New York State Police Helicopter Program who provides rescue operations, in addition to medical care.  On a typical rescue deployment we are dispatched simultaneously and once the patient is extracted he/she is typically handed over to our medical crew for continued care.

Q: Why do some of your aircraft shut down on scene calls while others do not?

A: Our program uses 4 styles of Airbus aircraft; the AS350, the Bell 407GXP, the EC-135, and the EC-145.  The type of turbine engine determines the amount of “cool-down” time that is needed prior to shutting down.  The Bell 407GXP requires an approximate 3-4 minute cool down period before shutting down.  With our goal for scene times to be less than or equal to 10 minutes it just makes sense to keep it running.  The AS350, EC-135 and the EC-145 require nearly no time for cooling therefore allowing the pilot to shut down instantly.

Q: Who pays for all this?

A: Please click here to learn more about our Air Medical Transport Cost Structure.