Seneca Falls, NY

LifeNet 7-12

Life Net 7-12, Seneca Falls is based at the Finger Lakes Regional Airport located in Seneca County, NY and started operations May of 2014 with an EC135 helicopter. The Flight Crew quarters are located within a hanger at the end of the runway and the crews are available for immediate flight request 24/7. We primarily serve the people of the Fingerlakes region providing emergency transport as well as interfacility transports, however with our central location we are happily able to back up our surrounding bases at any given time. Our current aircraft is an EC130 helicopter N11YQ, which came to us in February 2022 after several years of flying in a Bell 407. Our crews love what we do and will happily provide a base tour if you’re in the area.
EC-130 helicopter
Seneca County, NY