Selkirk, NY

LifeNet 7-1

LifeNet 7-1 formed after Albany Medical Center turned over the program to what was Rocky Mountain Helicopters under the newly formed LifeNet system, and soon became the first program in the state to achieve accreditation by the COmmission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).

In 2005, the base retired its BK-117 helicopter along with the Albany Med Flight name. The base was upgraded to a new EC-135 helicopter with modern safety and navigation equipment. In 2008, the base became the first LifeNet of NY base to introduce night vision goggles.

LifeNet 7-1 relocated in 2013 to the South Albany airport after 17 years of operation at Albany Medical Center. While this base is operated independently by Air Methods, LifeNet 7-1 continues to maintain a strategic partnership with Albany Med to provide PICU and NICU transports into the specialty center.

In 2022, 7-1 was upgraded to an EC-145 airframe to better accommodate specialty flight missions and provide specialty service backup for Air2.
EC-145 helicopter
Albany County, NY
LifeNet 7-1 in Albany