Come Fly with UsObserver Program

Interested in Flight Medicine?

If you're interested in pursuing a career in flight medicine, or you're a clinician looking to learn more about how our critical care crews operate, we'd love to have you join us for a shift!

Spaces are limited, but please fill out the observer form for the opportunity to spend a shift flying with our flight team at a local base.

After undergoing a safety briefing with our crew, you'll accompany our team as they care for the most critical ill and injured patients in our communities.

Ride Along Considerations

Dress Code

A professional appearance is required during your time with our program.  This consists of a non-logo shirt, dark slacks, boots and a weather appropriate jacket.

Weight Limit

We limit ride alongs to a maximum of 180lbs clothed for weight and balance of the aircraft.


We’ll ask you to complete a release from liability form, an emergency contact form, and a review of your medical history on your arrival to the base.

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